For Standalone licensing:

  • High Content
  • Multicycle
    • FCS Express comes with a basic version of Multicycle for free. The basic version can perform a single cell cycle analysis without background, aggregate, or debris correction.
    • When Multicycle is purchased with a license, you are purchasing the ability to analyze aneuploid populations and perform background and debris fitting.

For Network licensing:

  • The Standalone add-ons are also available with a Network license.
  • Additional Network Users
    • A standard Network license allows for 2 concurrent users.
    • If more concurrent users are needed, additional network users can be purchased.
  • Security
  • Logging
    • Our Security and Logging options are for customers that need features to help meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
    • The purchase of Security will require a database option to be determined by the customer.
      • A summary of the database options can be found here.
    • In addition to the number of concurrent network users, our Security/Logging package references 2 types of users.
      • Security Users – this is the number of unique username and password combinations that can be used to access FCS Express.
        • The number of Security Users will need to be defined by the customer.
        • This number may or may not match the number of concurrent Network Users.
      • Logging Users – this enables the audit trail feature in FCS Express and will match the number of Network Users.